Assessment of Legal Immigration Laws

Many immigrants have a will to come and be apart of everything America has to offer. The government has set in place limited legal ways for them to do so. All of the restrictions set forth are restricted to certain categories of individuals. The existing numerical caps were instituted a long time ago and have not stayed current with our nation’s changing economic and labor hassles. There are four main ways of entering the United States legally and permanently.

Family-Based Immigration

An individual who lives in the United States legally can obtain permission through a petition, to bring in certain qualified foreign-born family members to the States. The U.S. citizen can appeal for green cards to be provided to their spouse, parents, children, and siblings. According to these rules, no other family relationships are eligible for this type of immigration. In all immigration cases alike, the legal resident must verify they make an income exceeding the federal poverty line and is committed to fully support the family members brought to America.

Employment-Based Immigration

Immigrants who want to come to the United States on employment – based visa, must have a job offer already in place before they come to the States and the employer of the business must be willing to sponsor the individual. To come to America through employment-based immigration, the positions that qualify most are high – skilled and involve high levels of education.

Humanitarian – Based Immigration

The U.S. government provides protection to a limited amount of immigrants who are trying to flee persecution in their homelands. The government will allow such immigrants to come to the U.S. The individual must prove their reasoning for fleeing their country based on their race, belief, association in a social group, and national origin.


There are other limited ways that immigrants can enter the country through obtaining a green card, for instance, the diversity lottery. But, this method is highly limited and restricted to only small groups of skilled candidates.

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