How Can Our Law Firm Assist with Your Motor-Vehicle Collision

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle collision, our law firm can assist you in many ways to ensure you are justly compensated for your injuries, damages, and hardships suffered by someone else’s negligence. Below are things we will do to represent your interest:

  • Thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and use our expertise to strengthen your position against any and all liable third parties.
  • Organize and analyze key evidence, records, and documents on your case.
  • Detail the damages suffered and account to the negligent third party for your injuries.
  • Negotiate a resolution that will get you the best outcome for your case.

In addition, our law firm will:

  • Communicate on your behalf with all interested parties in your case, including, but not limited to, the negligent party’s insurance carrier.
  • Obtain evidence to prove the negligent party is at fault.
  • Communicate with your medical providers to ensure you are getting the proper care and obtain the medical documentation needed to prove the damages you suffered.
  • Request and organize your medical records and bills.
  • Present the evidence and damages in detail to the insurance company so they can evaluate and consider the settlement in the best light possible.
  • Negotiate a settlement that justly compensates you for your loss at the hands of the negligent party.
  • Negotiate with lienholders and medical providers regarding payment of their bills in light of the settlement to ensure your recovery is just and fair.
  • Provide settlement proceeds to you for your loss.

Here is a deeper look into the role our law firm plays when representing you as a client on your motor-vehicle collision loss:

Communicating with All Interested Parties in your Case

When you make a claim for injuries and damages suffered from a motor vehicle collision, there are several individuals and entities that become interested parties in the outcome of your case. These interested parties include the individuals whose negligence caused the collision and your injuries, the negligent party’s insurance company, medical providers with whom you’ve treated and incurred medical bills, lienholders that have placed a lien on your case for services rendered, lienholders that have a right under Texas law to attach debts owed by you to any settlement proceeds you recover on a personal injury case, and government authorities that may have been called upon to investigate or render aid at the incident scene.

Our law firm will communicate with all interested parties on your behalf to ensure that your case is put in the best light and not compromised in any way. This especially holds true when communicating with insurance adjusters, whose job is to minimize your injuries and damages at every turn to save the insurance company money and exposure on paying you on the claim. Since the insurance company and the adjuster working your case hold the funds to any future settlement, it is of the utmost importance that your law firm maintains good communication and establishes a professional relationship with the third party.

Obtaining Evidence of Liability

Our law firm will obtain the evidence necessary to show who is at fault for the collision and establish liability against the negligent third party. Photographs at the scene are very important in providing liability; however, there is much more involved in order to properly establish liability in a motor vehicle collision. Accident scene reconstruction is vital in proving liability in some cases, and our law firm has the most up-to-date software and expertise in accident scene reconstruction.

Our law firm will also make sure to retrieve all the police accident reports, in addition to speaking with and obtaining statements from any witnesses to the collision. We will thoroughly investigate the matter on your behalf to prove the other party is liable to you for your injuries and loss suffered.

Obtaining Evidence of Damages and Loss

Damage and Loss documentation is crucial in a motor vehicle collision case. This documentation is used by the responsible third party to evaluate the extent of damage and loss to you and directly correlates with how much compensation you receive.

Property damage photographs of all the vehicles involved in the collision are powerful evidence regarding the severity of impact and loss. Our law firm will ensure that the property damage photographs will be presented to the responsible third party, and we will use those photographs to promote the seriousness of your collision and the damages suffered.

Making sure your medical providers treat you properly for your injuries is important and so is the documentation of your treatment. The insurance companies analyze this medical documentation and try to minimize them in order to pay less on claims. Sometimes medical providers do not provide comprehensive medical documentation to support damages, and to that end, our law firm will ask the medical providers to clarify and give a special opinion as to the causation and severity of the injuries suffered as a result of the motor vehicle collision. Our law firm will ensure that you not only get the most capable medical treatment but also that the documentation of your injuries promotes the seriousness of your case for a full and fair evaluation from the responsible third party.

You are entitled to compensation for lost wages and other benefits of your job that were lost as a result of injuries suffered from the motor vehicle collision. Thus, it is important to gather doctor’s notes, pay stubs, income tax returns, and other wage documentation to support your claim for loss of wage and earning capacity damages. Our law firm will assist you in gathering this loss wage documentation to promote the seriousness of your damages suffered.

Negotiating With the Responsible Third Party

Our law firm has expertise and skill with negotiating settlements for our injured clients. Negotiating personal injury cases is an art that takes experience, skill, and analytics. Presenting your damages in the best possible light and knowing the history of the insurance company and the particular adjuster assigned to your case places us in an advantageous position when negotiating your case. Our law firm has a long settlement history and database to analyze past settlements to ensure that we are getting our client’s maximum value on their case.

Negotiating With Lien Holders and Medical Providers

The medical providers that treated you for injuries suffered from the motor-vehicle collision are most often waiting to get paid from the proceeds of your personal injury settlement. Some of these providers will file a lien with the County to protect their bills, while others may attempt to put you in debt collection and adversely affect your credit. Our law firm will work with these medical providers to ensure that they understand the nature of this type of case and the need to be patient in the bill collection process. In addition, we will work with these providers to reduce their lien or bill in lieu of payment from your settlement proceeds. These reductions will allow for more money in your pocket for the damages suffered in your case.