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With rideshare and vehicle rental companies on the rise, there are more and more drivers spending hours on the road. According to one study, this has increased fatal accidents by as much as 3 percent, both for motorists and pedestrians. When people are injured by these rideshare drivers, their employer is responsible to cover all the resulting damage. MAS Law helps clients involved in these kinds of accidents to obtain the compensation they need to fully recover from their injuries and move forward. Call us if you were in an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, or if you rented a faulty vehicle.

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A Change in the Industry

Ridesharing has had a huge impact on the way people choose to travel. Where before taxi drivers were required to obtain a commercial driver’s license before they could take money for transportation, ridesharing has made it possible for nearly anyone with a smartphone to operate a car professionally. Prior to 2017, traffic accidents were on the decline, but since then, they have increased significantly.

Some reasons these drivers cause more accidents are:

  • They spend more time driving between rides
  • Uber and Lyft do not require commercial driver’s licenses for their employees
  • The cars they operate are not held to the same safety standards as taxis
  • They are unfamiliar with the areas where they are working
  • They spend many hours behind the wheel without rest

While these companies provide unprecedented convenience, the truth is they also cost more in dangerous driving conditions. Those who are injured need to seek legal help and hold these companies accountable for the damage their drivers cause.

Rental Scooter Problems

When you rent an electric scooter, you have almost no idea whether or not it is safe. While rental companies reassure their customers that the scooter they are about to ride will work properly, the numbers show that this not true. In fact, these vehicles result in much higher accident rates for operators due to poor safety controls.

Before renting any scooter, you should make sure:

  • The brakes are not squishy
  • The tires have enough tread
  • The frame is not damaged or bent

If you were injured due to a defective scooter, MAS Law can help you build a strong case for obtaining the compensation you need for your injuries. We have handled many scooter rental issues that resulted in favorable outcomes for our clients. It is important that these companies are held accountable and required to implement better safety controls for their profitable equipment.

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