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Semi trucks are the biggest vehicles on the road. When a car collides with one of these huge machines, the results are usually life-altering, if not life-ending. If you were lucky enough to survive one of these collisions, the odds are that your injuries are severe and costly to treat. Let MAS Law help you fight for the compensation you need to cover the costs. We have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients, and we have the in-depth knowledge and insights your case needs to obtain a favorable outcome. Call today.

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Commercial Insurance Carriers

Because of the huge consequences of these kinds of accidents, commercial drivers are insured by large policies that are heavily monitored. The insurance carrier’s goal is to avoid paying out any more than necessary for their case, and that means they often minimize a victim’s injuries to make them seem less deserving of a full settlement.

In order to avoid paying too much, trucking insurance companies may argue that:

  • The victim was partially or equally at fault
  • The statute of limitations has passed, or the plaintiff took too long to file their case
  • The victim’s injuries were not as severe as they claimed
  • The accident was caused by a party other than the commercial driver

In all these cases, a judge may rule in favor of the truck driver, preventing you from receiving the care you need for your injuries. Let MAS Law help. Our award-winning truck accident lawyer has the experience and tenacity to fight effectively on your behalf. We understand how to tell your side of the story and help you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.

What Are the Hours of Service Regulations?

Truck drivers are required to follow more regulations than other motor vehicles since trucks can cause so much damage in the event of an accident. One of these rules is called the hours of service regulation which dictates how long a trucker can be on the road and when they must take time off work. These set of rules also protects truck drivers from being overworked, which helps prevent fatigued driving accidents. According to these rules:

  • Truck drivers can work up to 14 hours in a day but can only be on the road for 11 of those hours
  • Drivers must rest for at least 10 hours before starting a new day at work
  • Truck drivers must take days off work at regular intervals

Who is Liable After a Truck Accident?

The driver of a truck is not always the one who is held liable for a truck accident, in fact more often than not the trucking company is help responsible. There are many reasons for this, a main one being that trucking companies are often caught asking their drivers to break truck regulations in order to save their company money.

A truck driver can be held liable, however, particularly if the accident was directly caused by their negligence, such as driving while drunk. Although it happens less often, there are additional parties that can be held liable such as a truck manufacturer or cargo loading team. MAS Law is experienced in investigating truck accident claims and is ready to fight on your behalf. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Free Consultations

Call us today and get started on planning your case. During our initial case review, we will help you show the negligence and irresponsibility of the other driver. The truth is many commercial drivers are under intense stress and work for long, uninterrupted periods that can make them less attentive behind the wheel.

You may be able to show that the other driver:

  • Worked too many hours without rest
  • Was under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Was distracted at the time of the accident
  • Operated an unsafe vehicle
  • Did not have the proper training

With the right planning and aggressive representation, you will be able to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Get started by calling MAS Law today.

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