Other Practice Areas

Other Practice Areas

Comprehensive Nationwide Legal Service

MAS Law employs over 50 attorneys with various skill sets, many of whom have been recognized for high performance in their respective areas of focus. Our team of lawyers possesses the experience to help you protect your interests in and out of court. Schedule an initial consultation get the legal advice you need to move forward with confidence. Call our team today to get started.

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Professionals Who Understand Your Situation

We are a full-service law firm that can help you build a strong legal platform, no matter how difficult the situation may be. Our team comprises many award-winning lawyers who possess more than experience—they get results.

Along with personal injury representation, MAS Law offers legal services for cases involving:

  • Criminal defense: If you are charged with a criminal offense, know that you are not alone. At MAS Law, we strive to ensure your rights are protected and respected. We offer free consultations to give you an overview of what you face and how to best tell your side of the story. We also offer payment plans for criminal defense clients to help you get needed service now.
  • Business law: The laws in business are myriad. Because there are so many potential outcomes to each case, having the help of an experienced business law representative is crucial. Many of our lawyers studied business before choosing to represent business law, giving them compassion toward your interests and a deeper understanding of how to best help you.
  • Civil litigation: In disputes that do not include criminal charges, legal proceedings are known as civil litigation. MAS Law brings decades of trial experience to each case we take. Civil litigation cases could include construction lawsuits, collections issues, landlord/tenant problems, and more.
  • Class Action/FLSA:Class action lawsuits are based on the principle of "power in numbers," where a group of people who have suffered similar harm from a company's wrongdoing can collectively file a lawsuit, usually against corporations rather than individuals. To initiate a class action, a person or a small group with similar injuries will sue with their attorney, requiring a substantial number of class members to join the suit, making it impractical to bring them all together. As a result, class actions are commonly filed by consumers, employees, investors, and healthcare patients.
  • Social Security Disability law: Unfortunately, the government does not make it easy to obtain the benefits you need to continue living your life after an accident or disability. MAS Law can guide you through the process to make sure you feel informed about your decisions and secure about how to apply and obtain the benefits you need.

Get Help During an Initial Consultation

You don’t have to hire MAS Law for your case, but it does help to get the input of our experienced team. We can steer you in the right direction and help you decide what to do next. Our goal is to make your legal issue as easy as possible while we work toward an outcome in your favor. Call us today and schedule your initial consultation to get helpful information about your case.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
  • “Marissa Deleon treated all my concerns with urgency.”

    - Kiara M.
  • “Melissa Soltero has been amazing from the start to finish!”

    - Courtney S.
  • “Jeffrey Shelton and Melissa Viera took care of my case. They are very professional and organized. Melissa Viera promptly responded to all my questions even during some weekends.”

    - Clarissa R.
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