Dallas Bus Accident Attorneys

Dallas Bus Accident Attorneys

Representing Injured Texans in Bus Accident Claims

While no one plans on being injured, accidents are inevitable. If you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident in Dallas or the surrounding area, it’s imperative to protect your health and financial security by seeking sound counsel from an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Fortunately, our Dallas bus accident attorneys have over 20 years of experience representing the wrongfully injured. Our firm is well-equipped to fight for the justice you deserve. We understand the unique challenges of negotiating with evasive insurers and other large entities that often try to take advantage of victims in court, which is why we’re committed to protecting your rights in North Texas.

Injured in a bus accident? Our firm can fight to hold negligent parties responsible. Contact us online to discuss your case with a Dallas Bus accident lawyer.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable in Bus Accidents

At MAS Law, our passionate bus accident attorneys have protected the rights of injured Texans since 2000. Our firm handles various bus accident claims in the Dallas area, such as:

  • School bus accidents
  • Charter bus accidents
  • Passenger van accidents
  • Public transit bus accidents
  • Airport or hotel shuttle accidents

Our distinguished personal injury law firm is proud to provide exceptional representation to injured Texans. We prioritize open communication and compassionate counsel to guide our clients' steps with wisdom and clarity.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Dallas bus accidents can occur for a wide array of reasons. Common causes of bus accidents include:

  • Speeding or reckless driving
  • Fatigue or drowsiness of the bus driver
  • Poor vehicle maintenance and mechanical failures
  • Failure to yield right-of-way or ignore traffic signals
  • Inadequate driver training or experience
  • Intoxication or drug use by the bus driver
  • Negligent hiring or supervision by the bus company
  • Hazardous conditions, such as rain, snow, or fog
  • Improper loading or securing of passengers and their belongings
  • Defective road conditions or inadequate signage
  • Other negligent drivers on the road who cause collisions

Regardless of the cause of the bus accident, our dedicated Dallas attorneys can fight for the fair compensation you deserve, allowing you to focus on making a full recovery.

Pursuing Compensation After a Dallas Bus Accident

Bus accidents can leave passengers disoriented and overwhelmed regardless of the extent of their injuries. In these cases, it's imperative to secure experienced representation from a qualified Dallas bus accident attorney, as they can apply their in-depth knowledge of Texas personal injury laws to guide your steps throughout the legal process.

From educational trips to morning commutes to airport shuttles, bus accidents can occur at any time. If you find yourself injured in a bus accident, it’s important to take appropriate legal steps to secure the compensation you deserve. These steps include:

  1. Seek medical attention: No matter what, seeking prompt medical care is critical after any bus accident, regardless of the apparent severity of your injuries. This can help rule out underlying complications, such as internal bleeding, and restore your peace of mind before filing your claim.
  2. Seek sound counsel: Securing trusted representation from a qualified bus accident attorney is imperative for any successful personal injury claim, as they can ensure that all legal processes are followed meticulously, deadlines are met, and sufficient evidence is gathered to support your claim.
  3. Retain/gather evidence: Holding onto potential evidence is important to strengthen your case. In addition to keeping your bus ticket and other relevant documentation, victims can collect evidence like photo/video footage from the accident site, medical records, security cam footage, and contact information from any witnesses on the scene. It’s also wise to document everything you remember, such as the route you were riding and how the bus driver behaved during the accident, as this information can be valuable evidence in your case.
  4. Document losses: Your attorney can pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. To maximize your chance of success, it’s important to document your losses, as this can help calculate economic damages (monetary losses that are quantifiable, such as medical expenses and treatment costs) and non-economic losses (non-financial losses, such as emotional distress and loss of consortium).

Remember, every bus accident case is unique, and determining liability requires a thorough investigation. If you were injured in a bus accident in Dallas or the surrounding area, it’s crucial to consult with an experienced attorney who can assess the unique dynamics of your situation and help you navigate the legal proceedings.

Contact a Skilled Dallas Bus Accident Lawyer

Accidents are inevitable in Texas and often result in unfair outcomes for victims, which is why our firm is committed to fighting for justice on behalf of wrongfully injured Texans. At MAS Law, we empower our clients and their loved ones to focus on healing and recovery while we pursue the fair compensation they deserve. If you were wrongfully injured by someone else’s negligence, our Dallas personal injury lawyers have the diverse legal background and skillset to represent your best interests in and out of court. With 24/7 availability and free consultations available, you can rely on our Texas advocates to prioritize your unique needs from start to finish.

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