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Dealing with family law issues can be some of the most emotionally challenging proceedings for people to face. When your issues conflict with those of your loved ones, it can be hard to think straight and do what is right for your future. At MAS Law, our family law attorney brings years of experience to each case to ensure clients get compassionate representation and careful guidance. Call today to schedule your initial consultationtoday to get started.

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Comprehensive Legal Service for All Your Family Law Needs

Preparing a family law case is about more than just knowing state law. It’s about having the experience to plan ahead for the future. The issues you will have to decide in family law cases can often have a profound and long-term impact on you, your children, and your financial resources. They can also be fraught with highly-charged emotions in which you will need the calm and rational guidance of a trusted legal advisor. In some cases, you and the opposing party may be able to resolve your differences through simple or formal negotiation or mediation. In other cases, resolution may only be sought through courtroom intervention.

Our family law attorney at MAS Law has tried over 100 cases in front of juries. This has given our firm not just valuable litigation experience but an understanding of how courts view various family law issues and how to use this knowledge to plan for your optimal outcome.

MAS Law can provide you with legal guidance for issues such as:

  • Divorce. This process commonly involves issues such as the child custody and visitation, child support, spousal maintenance, the division of marital community property and debt, and other issues relevant to your case. Whether you are filing a no-fault divorce based on the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage or on Texas fault grounds alleging misconduct, our firm can help you navigate all phases and issues of your particular case. Having competent representation is important to this process to ensure you obtain the best possible outcome for your situation.
  • Child Support. In Texas, the parent that retains primary physical custody of a child is generally provided child support payments by the other parent (considered the noncustodial parent). Texas provides state child support guidelines that are used to calculate payment amounts based on the paying parent’s net income, the number of children needing support, and other factors. In some cases, where the calculated amount is deemed unfair or not in a child’s best interests, it can be adjusted up or down by the court. Our firm can help you calculate accurate and fair payments that help your child get the care he or she needs.
  • Child custody. In Texas, custody is divided into two categories: physical custody and “legal” custody. “Conservatorship” is the Texas term for legal custody, giving parents’ rights to make decisions about their child’s life, such as schooling, religious upbringing, health care, and more. Physical custody pertains to parenting time with each parent. Texas law favors joint managing conservators and joint physical custody unless some factor would preclude this such as a parent with a history of domestic violence. Parenting plans in custody cases are legal agreements between parents outlining how co-parenting arrangements will be made that commonly detail overnights, holiday and other special event schedules, and more. Custody is a difficult subject for most divorcing couples. Let MAS Law handle the challenges of building a case for the right custody arrangement.
  • Spousal maintenance. Texas courts consider many factors when calculating these payments, such as the earning capacity of the spouse, the responsibility for the children, health and age of parties, ability to work, duration of the marriage, and the financial resources and liabilities of the spouse. Generally, in order to receive support after the divorce, the parties must have been married for a period exceeding 10 years and, if a Texas court decides, a party may be qualified to receive up to $2,500 a month for a maximum of three 3 years.
  • Division of marital property and debt. Texas is a community property state which means that all marital property and debt is owned equally by both spouses and must be divided equally. However, adjustments may be made by the court after considering a variety of factors, such as earning capacities, ages, health, what each contributed to the marriage, marital misconduct, and more. Couples can reach negotiated settlements on their own that courts will generally accept. Where this cannot be accomplished, the court will decide the issue.
  • Modifications. Individuals subject to family court orders such as child support, custody, and spousal maintenance can seek to have these orders modified by a judge. A substantial change in circumstances must be shown to the court that would justify amending the order.
  • Enforcement. Child support, spousal maintenance, and child custody orders often need to be enforced when they are violated. Our firm can help you get orders enforced as well as defend you if you have been falsely accused of a violation.

Alternatives to Courtroom Divorce

Going to family court can become contentious. There are other ways to handle your divorce without fighting in front of a judge. In an uncontested divorce, the parties negotiate and come to an agreement as to child custody and distribution of assets. The experienced family law attorneys at MAS Law are here to help you prepare all required documents for your uncontested divorce. If there are still issues that need to be resolved afterward, we are ready to go to court with you.

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