Texas suing Netflix over the French film “Cuties”

You know it’s very easy to slip into giving disclaimers or facts to set someone apart from this next topic. It’s easy to say I have god-daughters or there are women in my family or the usual sound bite to soften the blow. But Texas suing Netflix over the French film “Cuties” is more about bringing attention than about morality.
In this passage, we’ll discuss why Texas should have been more roiled up with other television shows, and how America has become numb to under-aged girls being sexually exploited.
First, If you are from Texas, from infancy, young girls are brought up to mimic the females in their life. That usually means that young girls that live in more rural, or conservative newly branded suburban areas, are brought up to do volleyball, cheer, and dance. Many small towns have been springing all over Texas but people how have been here generations know that being a cheerleader is a coveted status in Texas (due to the fact Texas High school football is king). But it’s not only Texas, many conservative suburban areas across the country have been competing in cheerleading. We, as Americans, have allowed reality shows to document different phases of a young girl going from a baby to a preteen, with shows like Toddlers and Tiaras and Dance Moms. And now, in this modern age, people have social media on their phone in the palm of their hand. Social media platforms are divided up by age, Facebook is for boomers, Instagram and twitter is for millennials, however, Chinese made Tik-Tok, is mainly geared towards Gen-Z or kids born between 1996 and 2015. They are currently between 5-24 years old (nearly 68 million in the U.S.). Tik-Tok is mainly people dancing and lip singing to music. This is one-way preteens can digitally transmit images or videos half-naked or in a cheerleader outfit. These images could later be used for much more malicious intent. If Texas REALLY wanted to stop all (or at least profitable) outlet that could lead to images of underaged girls, they could sue Tik-Tok as well. Psst, between you and me, the state of Texas wouldn’t do that because it could jeopardize Tik-Tok potentially moving its headquarters to Texas.
Secondly, America has become numb to underaged girls being exploited. It’s simple to sit here and point fingers at movies and place blame on the movie industry. So let’s just focus on television shows, because people choose what is watched in their home. Once again, TLC had shows that soften people’s reaction to inappropriate sexual conduct, the show 19 Kids And Counting was one that left people in the dark about what was really going on behind the scenes. One of the sons, Josh Duggar, was sexually abused 5 underaged girls, including his own two sisters, Jill & Jessa. As much as I could burble on this, I’ll spare you, yet this is something that was swept under the rug. This was a very conservative Christian family that many people across the US adored because of their faith and shared ideology. Shared ideology shouldn’t override morality, but it usually does. Take Donald J. Trump, for instance, and forget the fact he has said: “'If Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her”. Forget about him paying $130,000 to a pornstar. Forget about him being friends with the elusive pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. Forget all that, lol. The ironic thing is that’s exactly what the American populace did to make sure he won the election in 2016. This could be why Texas is selective in excluding ALL under girls from being social media or media in general because Texas is not going to impede business or political relations that will (and currently do) greatly benefit them.

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