The Brutal Bill Burr Honesty: How Bill Burr is right about white women using black men as scapegoats.

Bill Burr’s stand up monologue for SNL for 10/10/2020 is right on the money. Bill burr, a native of Boston, has always had a brutally honest style of humor yet the ironic thing is that that is his greatest asset but can be seen as a fault. However, Bill burr isn’t fabricating anything when it came to the SNL opening monologue. Burr made a joke pertaining to the racial upheaval in America and how white women made it about themselves. Burr isn’t one for pulling punches especially when it comes to trashing women, however this time around he made a statement about white women stood by white men through crimes against humanity, and whenever they wanted to divert attention away from their crimes, they used a black male as a scapegoat.

For Example, Harper Lee‘s to Kill a mockingbird is based on an actual trial. The Scottsboro boys were black teenagers that were falsely accused of two white women in Scottsboro, Alabama, in 1931. Another example is the infamous case of Emmett Till, who was a white woman by the name Carolyn Bryant, accused of flirting in the Jim Crow south state of Mississippi. Decades later Bryant would admit that she lied about Emmett Till Flirting/Whistling at her. An additional example is the execution of 14-year-old George Stinney jr. in South Carolina. Police arrested Stinney for the violent murders of two girls that were found in a ditch. Stinney jr. the youngest person executed in American history.

These crimes all involve a deify white woman and a black male that is just predestined to corrupt her. These cases may be forgotten by many (mainly because the public schools in America are cutting books like To Kill A Mockingbird out of required reading courses) and many incidents mimic those past events. Take the “Central Park Karen” Amy Cooper, tried to accused Christian cooper, a black male, and avid bird watcher, of threatening her. “There is an African American man. I am in Central Park. He is recording me and threatening myself and my dog.” Amy Cooper said to the 911 operator, hoping to spark a rapid response. But all Cooper got was a rapid roast on social media. Many more recent events have been filmed on a smartphone, whether it’s selling water, or having Barbeque. These responses have turned into 15 minutes of fame in social media. That’s what Bill Burr is saying. Burr is asking white women to stop acting out over pretty disagreements for attention because there is a serious history behind those actions.


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