Q&A with John Lingenfelder, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress

An inevitable component in political advertising is the range of campaign messages designed to shape your perceptions of a candidate, driving your voting behavior. Elections are usually intensively competitive and targeted for your vote. So how do you vote for the most qualified and competent candidate?  M&A Law Firm’s Marketing Director, John Watts, has recorded a series of Q&A’s with various Texas political parties and the candidates who represent them.  This following Q&A with Mr. Lingenfelder and future Q&A’s will present you with insight and perspective on their values, agenda, and overall views.

“What makes this country so great is the fact that we – get Immigrants in.  And the Immigrants are changed by America, but America is changed by the immigrants.” – John Lingenfelder’s response when asked about immigration and the diversity within Texas District 3.

That statement stuck with me after my Q&A with Mr. Lingenfelder inside his Plano campaign office.  Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Ms. Shahla Southerst and Mr. Navid Daryapayma who are Iranian -American volunteers for Lingenfelder’s campaign.  Mr. Lingenfelder is running against deep-rooted 10-term Incumbent, Republican Congress Sam Johnson for Texas District 3.  Texas District 3 of the United States House of Representatives is a Congressional District that serves; McKinney, Plano, Frisco, and parts of Dallas, Garland and Rowlett.  The District has been Republican since 1968, when the last elected Democrat, Joe Pool died in office. Congressman Johnson has represented this district since May, 1991. 

John Lingenfelder is an I.T. entrepreneur, a leader in the community and a humanitarian activist. He is also a husband, a father and a grandfather.   Lingenfelder wants to bring a real-world perspective to the tough challenges facing Texas District 3 and Washington. 

Below is a Q&A with Mr. Lingenfelder, who discusses the Iranian-American communities in Texas District 3, jobs, higher education and major challenges facing All Americans – today and tomorrow.

Q: How does your personal background qualify you to represent Texas District 3?

A: My parents instilled in each of us children the values of hard work, honesty, forthrightness and respect… I hate to say it but they beat it into us [jokingly]!  I am the eldest of 5 children. We have a very strong family; five of us children are very successful because of our parents. Both of my parents were veterans of World War II and actively involved in their community and politics.   I believe my parents were members of America’s Greatest Generation.

Q: What influenced your Interest to go into Politics?

A:  I am not a politician… I have been a businessman and a software designer for 25 years.  I absolutely had no inkling to go into public service. But because of what happened with the 2008-2009 debacles in our country; it was looking for someone to support an order to make a change and District 3 is not represented well at all.  Nobody stepped up to take action for the district and at the very last moment, after extreme positive feedback, I decided to step up and run!

 Q: What are 3 major challenges, you will focus on if you are elected to represent the Congressional Representative for the 3rdDistrict?

A:  Without any doubt, the number one thing that any U.S. Representative is going to have to face is the situation with unemployment and jobs… there is just no way around it. Our country is at a “Crisis Point!”  Working Americans in this country are at home and it is affecting everything across the United States. If we can get these Americans back to work the government will have the revenue from the taxes in order to keep our country improving as it has been doing since President Obama­ came into office.    

The Second is Higher Education. Working families are facing this crisis. The escalating rise in tuition and other cost associated is just astronomical. How are the families going to be able to pay for higher education? The U.S. Congress has the ability to make resources available to families so they can – get their children into school. It is important that we create opportunities for all Americans to be as educated and trained as possible for the careers of the future.

And the Third thing that is facing us is the Healthcare crisis. Although we did pass a “Healthcare Bill” this last year, it was very insufficient as far as actually solving the health care crisis that we were faced with prior to the President initiating the program last year.  What it is going to take is revisiting the Bill and improving it.

 Q: How will the aforementioned challenges, affect the Iranian-American community, who reside in your district?

A:  Just like every single American.  Every Iranian-American family is affected by unemployment. Every Iranian-American family has children they want to go to school. Every ‘Iranian family’ is affected by healthcare – there is no question about it.  Iranians are just like every other American family. These challenges impact them as bad, if not worse than a lot of cases than the average American.  Generally, as business owners, Iranian-Americans are impacted by Federal Legislation Regulation more than the average American citizen.  All Middle Eastern communities will all be impacted by all of this… the future is uncertain and that is scary.  And if the Iranian-American community is as concerned as I am, they are going to get involved in the process and come up with solutions as well. “It is when like meets like!”

Q: How will your campaign message change the minds of Republicans to vote Democrat?

A:  There is going to be a significant part of the Republicans who are not going to vote for me. They just can’t do it!  However, there is a significant minority of Republicans who will vote for me and that is because of the rise of the Tea Parties in this area. In order to achieve the goal of winning this race, it will be the outreach to various communities which include Middles Eastern, Hispanic and African American.  I will make certain that my message gets to these communities and I will also work with tradition democratic basis.

Q: Is there a message you want to share with younger voters?

A:  The world will be turned over to you and it’s not going to be pretty. Right now is the time when you need to be involved because there are decisions that are going to be made in the next five years that are going to affect you and your children.  You have to get involved!

John believes that our nation’s infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. Private sector jobs will remedy this and get the economy growing. He recognizes that America is a leader in civil liberties, democratic self-government, the rule of law, and a beacon of hope and economic opportunity for others around the globe.  If you would like to get involved, you can contact Mr. Lingenfelder campaign office at (972) 460-9339 or email


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