Congratulations to MASter Teacher Award Winner Sandra Allison

Congratulations to MASter Teacher Award Winner Sandra Allison

MAS Law would like to celebrate Sandra Allison, our newest MASter Teacher Award recipient. We are astounded by the number of submissions we received for Mrs. Sandra, and come to our surprise, TWO of our employees were her students! Throughout her fifty-two years of teaching (from Austin to Yantis, then all the way to George Peabody Elementary School in Dallas ISD), she has forged everlasting relationships with her students, and it was a pleasure to witness the impact she has had on their lives. 

Known in the halls as the “disciplinarian,” Sandra Allison has the ability to understand and love a student – a gift that most teachers dream of. She even takes the time to greet each student with an elbow bump just to give them their chance to be seen. Mrs. Sandra isn’t quick to assume; she takes the time to get to know her students and love them for who they are. With two of our employees being former students, it was amazing to see the everlasting impact she has made. She loves and she loves hard, something her students will never forget.

Many things have changed over the fifty-two years of teaching for Sandra Allison. State testing made its way into schools in 1979, and although Mrs. Sandra loved everything about teaching, she was never a very big fan of this. One attribute that many questioned about Mrs. Sandra was her ability to learn and adapt to the growing implementation of technology within school, but she has proven time and time again that when something new comes along, she is always “the first one in line.” Most admirably, when she doesn’t understand something, she gives the opportunity to her students to become the teachers to show her what to do.

As for Mrs. Sandra’s students, a new grade is an obstacle in and of itself. The majority of her classroom this year had learning impairments, and some students lacked confidence in themselves and their work. Mrs. Sandra didn’t see anything stopping her from teaching and loving her kids, saying, “Showing your kids you truly care and believe in them will get you both the results you want.”

Oh boy, talk about results! Over 80% of her students passed their reading state test, and the majority off the students never passed before. The hard work from Mrs. Sandra and her students not only shows in the numbers, but in the growth of the children themselves. She truly believed her students could achieve greatness, and they definitely did! Over the years, from her students, Mrs. Sandra has learned patience, how to love someone no matter what, and how to persevere.

Sandra Allison married fellow teacher Mr. Felton Dickens in June of 2018. They worked alongside each other for many years, and when he stepped down from his higher position of assistant principle, they found the moment was right.

It was a true pleasure meeting, listening, and seeing the relationships made with Mrs. Sandra Allison Dickens. The way she spoke of her kids was truly moving, and knowing my kids will be in safe, good arms one day gives me comfort. Thank you, Mrs. Sandra, for the dedication, the countless hours, the love, and everything you have done for our community. Both you and your husband are greatly appreciated, and it was an honor getting to know you.

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